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We Guarantee 

We Guarantee a Healthy Puppy for Your lovely Home 


The puppies are in good health and full of love. They are pre-spoiled before they leave our home.

We strictly get our puppies health checked by

Licensed Veterinarians with Fecal examination and State Health certification so that all shots and deworming is up to date. If there is any problems with the puppy's health,  immediately we contact customer so customer have options to choose from such as replacing the puppy. We are honest and we serve our customer best of our best.


Customer has 2 days from the delivery date to have the puppy examined by a Licensed Veterinarian, and fill out a new puppy examination form by the Vet  to fax or email us.

Hereditary / Congenital Conditions. 

We have a one year hereditary guarantee that starts once we receive the new puppy exam certificate from the customer. If a hereditary disease is found within 6 months of diagnosis (diagnostic examination fee is not covered) that can affect the puppy's life, 100% of the original cost will be added as a credit for future purchases of another puppy of equal value. Customer must return the puppy to husebreeders

(any deposit is non-refundable) 

This Guarantee does NOT cover Cherry Eye, hypoglycemia , Entropion, Allergies,

undescended testicles, loose knee or hips, Stenotic , nares, elongated soft palate , umbilical hernia

,dermatitis, demodectic mange, and heat stroke.

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