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UPON PAYMENT of the sum of $                 
Paid by buyer to housebreeders ( the "purchase price" ) receipt of which is acknowledged.Housebreeders grants , sells , conveys and transfers ownership of the follwing puppy ( the "puppy") to buyer 




                                           TERMS AND CONDITIONS

1. Deposit, Payment of Purchase Price, Fees Buyer has paid a deposit of $500.00 the balance of  total puppy price 


The expected delivery date is                         or such other date as the parties may mutually agree. Payment of the balance may be made by  any credit card or PayPal ,Venmo Zelle 

Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Buyer will forfeit the deposit and any rights to the Puppy if: (a) Buyer fails to complete the purchase of the Puppy for any reason, or (b) Buyer fails to pay the balance of the Purchase Price within __3__ days of the agreed delivery date.

In either event, Housebreeders shall be free to sell the Puppy to another party.

In the event that the Puppy is not available due to sickness, death, or any other circumstance owing to the fault of Breeder, Buyer’s deposit will, at Buyer’s option, be either (i) refunded, or (ii) transferred to other puppy.


We guarantee is health puppy (mentally, emotionally, physically) placing to your lovely home that is our priority as a committed

(a)The Puppy is being sold free and clear of any lien, security interest, charge or other encumbrance. (b) The Puppy is in good health and free of communicable diseases at the time of this sale. Before Puppy leave their home they have had full Vet check by licensed Veterinarian to nose –to tail (c)Buyer has 2 days from the delivery date to have the Puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian.

(a) Hereditary / Congenital Conditions. We have one year hereditary grantee starting received from new puppy exam certificate from buyer. If found a puppy need /received within 6 months of diagnosis. ( diagnostic exam and testing not covered ) 100% of original cost towards purchase of another puppy of equal or lesser value if the condition affect the life of the puppy, buyer may return the puppy to housebreeders (breeder).

(e) This Guarantee does NOT cover Cherry eye, Hypoglycemia, Entropion, Ectropion, Allergies, undescended testicles, loose knees or hips, Stenotic nares, elongated soft pallet, umbilical hernia, dermatitis, demodectic mange. Seller will NOT replace a puppy due to heat stroke,

2, Fitness of Purpose The Puppy was bred as a companion animal, and Housebreeders does not provide any warranty as to the Puppy’s fitness for any specific purpose, including obedience trials, show ring performance, and/or breeding purposes.

3. Buyer’s Representations Buyer represents to Seller that: (a) Buyer will have the Puppy spayed or neutered by the age of six months. (b) The Puppy will reside with Buyer as companion pet to Buyer and Buyer’s family. (c) Buyer will provide the Puppy with nutritious food and necessary veterinary care, including deworming, heartworm prevention and regular vaccinations (including rabies). .

4. Entire Agreement This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties. Housebreeders and Buyer have made no other agreements, promises, representations or warranties, express or implied, unless specifically stated in this Agreement.

I Acknowledgement of Receipt I acknowledge that I have received the Puppy into my possession.

Thanks for submitting!

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