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We are Dog Lovers and BEST house breeders networking our dogs are our family, we are not Farm breeders we only have few dogs in our house, they live with us play with our family and sleep inside of our room or some times on our bed . Our puppies get best caring with our family , they are pre- spoiled before they leaving our home . Also they have full VET check and State Health Certification with Fecal Examination by License Veterinarian and shots and dewormed up to date. Most our house breeders are believers we pray over our puppies. Our puppies will bring GREAT Blessing and Abandent Life to Your Family.!

Our Gurantee

The puppy is in good health and full of loved , pre-spoiled before they leaving our home . We have very strictly check over puppy’s health by License Veterinarian with Fecal examniation and State Health certification all shots and dewormed is up to date.If we have a found any problems of puppy’s health , immediately contact customer then customer will choose any options or choose other puppy. We are honest and we serve our customer best of our best. Customer has 2days from the delivery date to have the puppy examined by a lincense Veterinarian and fill out new puppy examination form by Vet then fax or email to us Hereditary / Congenital Coditions. We have one year hereditary gurantee starting received from new puppy exam certificate from customer . If found a puppy need / received within 6 months of diagnosis ( diagnostic exam not covered) 100% of original cost towords purchase of another puppy of equal value if the condition affect the life the puppy . customer must return the puppy to breeder. This Guranantee does NOT cover Cherryeye, hypoglycemia , Entropion, Allergies, undescended testicles, loose knee or hips, Stenotic , nares, elongated soft pallet , umbilical hernia ,dermatitis, demodetic mange, we are not replace a puppy due to heat stroke .